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OralGraFX™ Product Categories

OralGraFX provides a wide range of product categories for the infusion of active ingredients in oral dissolving films (ODF). Our technology offers a unique and innovative way to deliver medication, supplements, and other active ingredients. Explore our product categories to find the perfect solution for your needs.


Discover the power of energy supplements in sublingual strips! Our energy supplements offer numerous benefits, including fast absorption and rapid delivery of essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. With sublingual administration, you can bypass the digestive system, allowing for quicker onset and greater bioavailability compared to traditional pills or capsules. Say goodbye to waiting for your energy boost – simply place the strip under your tongue and let it dissolve. Plus, our convenient packaging makes it easy to take on the go, ensuring you have the energy you need whenever and wherever you need it. Experience sustained energy levels and enhanced performance with our innovative sublingual energy supplements.


OralGraFX™ sublingual films offer pharmaceutical manufacturers and brands the flexibility to accommodate required dosages efficiently. Whether a single sublingual strip or multiple strips are needed, our innovative technology ensures precise dosage delivery. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily adapt to variable dosage schedules, providing versatility in product formulations. Trust OralGraFX™ for customizable sublingual solutions that meet your dosage requirements with precision and reliability.

OTC - Over the Counter Medicines

Over-the-counter medicine is also known as OTC or nonprescription medicine such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), cough suppressants such as dextromethorphan (Robitussin) and antihistamines like loratadine (Claritin 24H). These drugs are usually located on shelves in pharmacies, grocery stores, and even in gas stations. Because OralGraFX™ sublinguals are flat it’s easy to keep them in your wallet. OralGraFX™ enables product identification beyond packaging and convenience based on size, packaging, weight, and shelf-life. 


Dietary Supplements are products taken by mouth that contain a "dietary ingredient." Dietary ingredients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs or botanicals, as well as other substances that can be used to supplement the diet. Dietary supplements come in many forms, including tablets, capsules, powders, energy bars, and liquids. These products are available in stores throughout the United States, as well as on the Internet. Popular dietary supplements include multivitamins, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. OralGraFX™ custom graphics and custom dosages will enable the consumer to recognize proven and trusted brands such as 5 Hour Energy Drink, One A Day, and Centrum.

Smoking Cessation

The tobacco industry is turning its focus to smokeless alternatives. Nicotine is offered as gum, lozenges and transdermal patches and are generally available in 2 milligram and 4 milligram doses. OralGraFX™ sublingual delivery method is fast acting and allows for micro doses such as .5 and 1 milligram doses. In addition to decreasing medicine delivery time OralGraFX™ has reduced the cost of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.


Local anesthetics are available over the counter and as a prescription in gel, ointment, cream, spray, patch, liquid, and injectable forms. Some examples of local anesthetics are articaine, bupivacaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine, and prilocaine. Most local anesthetics take effect quickly (within 10 minutes) and last 30 to 60 minutes. OralGraFX™ has already been identified as a graphical enhanced buccal delivery system in assisting with deep cleanings for children.

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