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About OralGraFX

OralGraFX, Inc. is a research and development company developing and licensing OralGraFX™, a fully printed oral dissolvable film drug delivery technology. OralGraFX™ printed film technology dissolves in your mouth like a breath strip, although OralGraFX™ can deliver a specific dosage of active ingredients infused into individual layers as a colorful printed sublingual film.

OralGraFX was formed in 2022 to develop and license proprietary printing ink formulations, constructions, and manufacturing methods to produce OralGraFX™ for dietary supplements, natural health products, over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, and dental anesthetics.

Our Mission

OralGraFX mission is to offer the most versatile oral thin-film technology by providing convenient accurate dosage, with colorful imagery and safety.

OralGraFX  Founder

bryan haynes 2.jpg

Bryan Haynes, the visionary Founder of OralGraFX, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of printing technologies. With over 30 years of research and development, Bryan has achieved breakthroughs in printed light, printed electronic circuitry, and printed batteries. Recognizing the need for graphic visual safety in the sublingual market, Bryan created OralGraFX™ films to revolutionize medicinal sublingual delivery.

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