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OralGraFX™ Technology

OralGraFX printed thin film technology is a new delivery system that enables the rapid delivery of medicines used every day.

OralGraFX sublingual delivery system dissolves under your tongue delivering active ingredients into the bloodstream much faster than traditional delivery methods.

OralGraFX vs Standard 002.png

Visual Sublingual Technology

OralGraFX research is focused on sublingual, buccal, and mucosal delivery, although visually we offer a lot more than a strip. 


Most oral dissolvable films are blank without any indication of dosage or content to inform the consumer.

OralGraFX™ provides the consumer the ability to identify the individual strip brand, flavor, and dosage adding visual safety to the sublingual market beyond packaging.

OralGraFX™ Printed Sublinguals

​OralGraFX™ is a unique sublingual delivery system that enables the introduction of colorful graphics, text, and shapes.


OralGraFX™ offers the ability to infuse extracts, supplements, and active ingredients into multiple layers to create an all-in-one sublingual delivery system.

OralGraFX™ Ink Technology

OralGraFX™ inks are specifically formulated for the process of print manufacturing.

OralGraFX™ base inks start clear and without flavor enabling the manufacturer the ability to fine-tune flavor with active ingredients and create custom colors to achieve any graphic image.

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